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  • Algebra for quantity surveying students 

    Fletcher, L. (Leslie) (Not available, 2014-04)
    This is the beginning of a handout suitable for motivating quantity surveying students to study algebra as RICS appears to wants them to do.

  • Cells II: Cellular Organization 

    Farabee, M. J. (Not available, 2014-06)
    Cell Size and Shape ; The Cell Membrane ; The Cell Wall ; The Nucleus ; Cytoplasm ; Vacuoles and Vesicles ; Ribosomes ; Endoplasmic Reticulum ; Golgi Apparatus and Dictyosomes ; Lysosomes ; Mitochondria ; Plastids ; Cell ...

  • Cells: Origins 

    Farabee, M. J. (Not available, 2014-06)
    Origin of the Earth and Life ; Is There Life on Mars, Venus, Anywhere Else?? ; Terms Applied to Cells ; Components of Cells ; The Origins of Multicellularity ; Microscopes ; Learning Objectives ; Terms ; Review Questions ;

  • Mathematics for Chemistry Workbook 

    O'Malley, P. J. (Patrick J.) (Not available, 2014-05)
    A workbook for chemists on the underlying mathematics needed to study chemistry at beginning undergraduate level. Videos of worked solutions to many of the problems in this workbook can be also found in JORUM.

  • Quantum computing for the determined 

    Nielsen, M. (Michael) (Not available, 2010)
    1 The qubit - 2 Tips for working with qubits - 3 Our first quantum gate: the quantum NOT gate - 4 The Hadamard gate - 5 Measuring a qubit - 6 General single-qubit gates - 7 Why unitaries are the ...