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  • Algorithms and Data Structures 

    Nievergelt, J. (Jurg); Hinrichs, K. (Klaus) (BC Campus, 2011)
    This is a textbook for first year Computer Science. Algorithms and Data Structures With Applications to Graphics and Geometry.

  • British Columbia in a Global Context 

    Geography Open Textbooks Collective (BC Campus, 2014)
    This first year Geography textbook takes a holistic approach to Geography by incorporating elements of physical, human and regional geography, as well as bringing in methods and perspectives from spatial information science.. ...

  • Building a Competitive First Nations Investment Climate 

    Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics (BC Campus, 2014)
    This is the first edition of the open text book Building a Competitive Investment Climate on First Nation Lands. This textbook is for students who are First Nation and tribal government employees or students who would like ...

  • Canadian History: Pre-Confederation 

    Belshaw, J. D. (John Douglas) (BC Campus, 2015)
    Canadian History: Pre-Confederation is a survey text that introduces undergraduate students to important themes in North American history to 1867. It provides room for Aboriginal and European agendas and narratives, explores ...

  • Concepts of Biology 

    Molnar, C. (Charles); Gair, J. (Jane) (BC Campus, 2015)
    In this survey text, directed at those not majoring in biology, we dispel the assumption that a little learning is a dangerous thing. We hope that by skimming the surface of a very deep subject, biology, we may inspire you ...

  • Core Concepts of Marketing 

    Burnett, J. (John) (BC Campus, 2011)
    Through good economic times and bad, marketing remains the pivotal function in any business. Determining and satisfying the needs of customers through products that have value and accessibility and whose features are clearly ...

  • Discover Psychology 2.0 - A Brief Introductory Text 

    Diener, E. (Edward); Biswas-Diener, R. (Robert); Mehl, M. R. (Matthias R.) (BC Campus, 2016)
    This textbook presents core concepts common to introductory courses. The 15 units cover the traditional areas of intro-to-psychology; ranging from biological aspects of psychology to psychological disorders to social psychology.

  • Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective 

    Watson, R. T. (Richard T.); Berthon, P. (Pierre); Pitt, L. F. (Leyland F.) (BC Campus, 2008)
    This book is written both for practitioners and business students. Managers wishing to understand how electronic commerce is revolutionizing business will find that our comprehensive coverage of essential business issues ...

  • English Literature: Victorians and Moderns 

    Sexton, J. (James) (BC Campus, 2014)
    English Literature: Victorians and Moderns is an anthology with a difference. In addition to providing annotated teaching editions of many of the most frequently-taught classics of Victorian and Modern poetry, fiction and ...

  • Ethics in Law Enforcement 

    McCartney, S. (Steve); Parent, R. (Rick) (BC Campus, 2015)
    In this book, you will examine the moral and ethical issues that exist within law enforcement. This book will also familiarize you with the basic history, principles, and theories of ethics.

  • Graphic Design and Print Production Fundamentals 

    Collins, W. (Wayne); Hass, A. (Alex); Jeffrey, K. (Ken) (BC Campus, 2015)
    This textbook -- written by a group of select experts with a focus on different aspects of the design process, from creation to production -- addresses the many steps of creating and then producing physical, printed, or ...

  • Information Systems 

    Watson, R. T. (Richard T.) (BC Campus, 2007)
    Students need to understand systems and the systems concept, and they need to understand the role of ICT in enabling systems. Students will learn the characteristics of good systems (e.g., intuitive, likable, error-resistant, ...

  • Introduction to Sociology - 2nd Canadian Edition 

    Little, W. (William); McGivern, R. (Ron); Kerins, N. (Nathan) (BC Campus, 2016)
    Introduction to Sociology adheres to the scope and sequence of a typical introductory sociology course. In addition to comprehensive coverage of core concepts, foundational scholars, and emerging theories, we have incorporated ...

  • Introductory Chemistry I - 1st Canadian Edition 

    Key, J. A. (Jessie A.); Ball, D. W. (David W.) (BC Campus, 2014)
    Here I will survey some of the basic topics of chemistry. This survey should give you enough knowledge to appreciate the impact of chemistry in everyday life and, if necessary, prepare you for additional instruction in chemistry.

  • Liberté 

    Angelo, G. (Gretchen) (BC Campus, 2016)
    Liberté, by Gretchen Angelo, is a first-year college French textbook with a true communicative approach.Each chapter is built around communicative strategies. Clearly dened objectives in communication, culture, and grammar ...

  • Line E: Electrical Fundamentals Competency E-1: Describe the Basic Principles of Electricity 

    Camosun College (BC Campus, 2016)
    You will use electricity daily. Vehicles and machinery are started and often operated by electricity. Electric tools make the performance of your job easier and more efficient. However, to use electricity safely and ...

  • Mastering Strategic Management 

    Edwards, J. (Janice); Ketchen, D. (Dave); Short, J. (Jeremy) (BC Campus, 2014)
    Mastering Strategic Management is designed to enhance student engagement in three innovative ways. The first is through visual adaptations of the key content in the book. It is well documented that many of today’s students ...

  • Modern Philosophy 

    Ott, W. (Walter); Dunn, A. (Alex) (BC Campus, 2013)
    This is a textbook (or better, a workbook) in modern philosophy. It combines readings from primary sources with two pedagogical tools. Paragraphs in italics introduce figures and texts. Numbered study questions (also in ...

  • Nationalism, Self-determination, and Secession 

    Andrews, G. (Geoff); Saward, M. (Michael) (BC Campus, 2013)
    What makes a ‘nation’ and what makes peoples strive for nationhood? This unit will provide you with an introduction to studying political ideas by looking at how people who see themselves as nations challenge the existing ...

  • Physical Geology 

    Earle, S. (Steven) (BC Campus, 2015)
    Physical Geology is a comprehensive introductory text on the physical aspects of geology, including rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciation, groundwater, streams, coasts, mass wasting, climate ...