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  • Table of Fields with Views 

    Acquia and OSTraining; Spoken Tutorial Team (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2016-06-10)
    Outline: - Displaying fields in a table; - Setting up "Display", "Format", "Fields", "Filter", and "Sort"; - Explaining how to display only the upcoming events; - Explaining how to sort fields. Pre-requisite: ...

  • Tacitus, Annals 

    Owen, M. (Mathew); Gildenhard, I. (Ingo) (Open Book Publishers, 2014-04)
    Introduction ; Latin text with study questions and vocabulary aid ; Commentary ; Bibliography ; Visual aids;

  • Taxation Management 

    Rao, K. A. (Khalil Ahmad) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2013-04)
    This course comprises of theoretical and numerical concepts of Tax Laws prevailing in Pakistan. In this course you will learn the heads of income, statutory definitions, exemptions, tax return and sales tax. This course ...

  • Taxonomy 

    Acquia and OSTraining; Spoken Tutorial Team (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2016-04-20)
    Outline: - Explaining what is taxonomy; - Adding a taxonomy; - Adding taxonomy terms. Pre-requisite: User group and Entity Reference

  • Tay Bridge disaster 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2011)
    The sudden collapse of Scotland's Tay Bridge in 1879 killed more than 70 rail passengers and shocked the population. An extensive inquiry was carried out, including numerous witnesses, experts and reports. Were the high ...

  • Teaching Fundamental Concepts in Statistical Science 

    Scott, L. (Leanne); Barr, G. (Graham) (University of Cape Town, 2011)
    These modules are essentially crafted as teaching tools and the experience of first year students would be of the lecturer leading the students through the simulations at an appropriate pace, allowing plenty of opportunity ...

  • Teaching Photojournalism 

    Dickson, J. (Julie); Pavkovich, K. (Kara); Piazza, J. (Jessica); Sereikas, K. (Kelly) (2014-04)
    Framing and the Metalanguage of Photojournalism; Connotation and Denotation; Connecting Photojournalism with Literature;

  • Technical English 

    Ragini, G. P. (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2014-02)
    Modules / Lectures : Technical Vocabulary ; Voice and Tense ; Note Making ; Role Play ; Vocabulary items ; Listening and guided note taking ; Comparing and contrasting using expressions of comparisons ; ...

  • Techniques for Studying Materials: Atomic Force Microscopy 

    Li, A. (Amy); Coombe, P. (Pete); Oliver, R. (Rachel) (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is part of the family of techniques known as scanning probe microscopy, and has proved itself extremely valuable and versatile as an investigative tool. The AFM invented by Gert Binnig and ...

  • Techniques for Studying Materials: Examination of an Artefact 

    Rutter, N. (Noel); Yeoh, C. (Catriona); Barber, Z. (Zoe); Durrell, J. (John) (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    Most manufactured items contain a large number of individual components, often using a surprisingly wide variety of materials. Examining a manufactured item (article) can help to understand what materials are commonly ...

  • Techniques for Studying Materials: Indexing Electron Diffraction Patterns 

    Knowles, K. M.; Sharp, J. (Joanne); Ball, A. (Andy); Longworth, S. (Sarennah); Hoon Hng, H. (Huey) (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    This animation explains origin and behaviour of Kikuchi lines. From TLP: Indexing Electron Diffraction Patterns

  • Techniques for Studying Materials: Microstructural Examination 

    Yeoh, C. (Catriona); Barber, Z. (Zoe) (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    This teaching and learning package (TLP) looks at how what we see in micrographs relates to equilibrium phase diagrams and cooling routes for alloy systems.

  • Techniques for Studying Materials: Optical Microscopy 

    Charles, M. (Matt); Yeoh, C. (Catriona); Barber, Z. (Zoe); Capes, J. (Jacqui); Gwynne, J. (Jessica) (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    This set of animations consists of interactive diagrams of reflection and transmission microscopes. From TLP: Optical Microscopy

  • Techniques for Studying Materials: Reciprocal Space 

    physics, materials science (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    The concept of reciprocally has been introduced in the Diffraction and Imaging TLP, and in the X-ray Diffraction TLP within the Bragg and Scherrer equations. This inverse scaling between real and reciprocal space is based ...

  • Techniques for Studying Materials: Transmission Electron Microscopy 

    Goodhew, P. J. (Peter J.); Chivall, J. (James) (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    Transmission electron microscopy is a very important tool in materials science for investigating the fine-scale structure of materials. This TLP serves as an introduction to the basic concepts and structure of the transmission ...

  • Techniques for Studying Materials: Virtual experiment for Young's modulus 

    Clyne, T. W.; Burke, S. (Sam) (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    This teaching and learning package (TLP) is based on lab work in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. The TLP provides an introduction to the topic of thermal expansion, and ...

  • Techniques for Studying Materials: X-ray Diffraction Techniques 

    Skinner, T. D.; Vickers, M. (Mary) (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    This teaching & learning package provides an introduction to X-ray diffraction. It describes the main crystallographic information that can be obtained and experimental methods most commonly used.

  • Technologies for information management 

    Abdullah, N. (Noorhidawati) (University of Malaya, 2013-02)
    - Understand the advantages of using database management systems - Differentiate between a relational DBMS and a text-retrieval database - Explain the basic features and functions of a relational database and a text-retrieval ...

  • Technologies of Control 

    Unknown author (University of Leicester, 2013-08)
    This OER aims is to provide an overview of recent technology developments in the field of security, with particular emphasis on how the use of the technologies impacts on the lives of individuals.

  • Technology and Vision 

    Ayliffe, W. (William); Marshall, J. (John); Reinstein, D. (Dan) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    The discipline of Ophthalmology is recognised both as an early adopter of new technology and a developer of novel techniques. Soon after lasers were invented, they were being used to treat diabetic eyes and new lasers ...