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  • Fabrication and Processing of Materials: Casting 

    Chapman, J. (Jenny); Rutter, N. (Noel); Marchment, P. (Peter) (University of Cambridge, 2013-08)
    This TLP introduces a number of important processes through which metallic items can be fabricated from molten metal. As well as detailing the practical aspects of these manufacturing processes, attention is given to the ...

  • Facilitating Learning in Practice 

    not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2016-09)
    Are you interested in mentorship or looking to develop your mentorship skills? In particular, are you involved in nurse mentorship? If so, then this free 8-week course is for you. The course explores the principles and ...

  • Factorial ANOVA 

    Brodbeck, D. (Dave) (2014-04)
    Not available

  • Factors that Influence Health: An Introduction 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-08)
    What factors influence our health? A lot of attention is focused on people's behaviour - their decisions to smoke, drink, over-eat and so on - with strong messages about the changes needed to become healthier. But people's ...

  • The fall of the electron (oxidation-reduction) 

    Lower, S. (Stephen) (2014-04)
    Predicting the directions of oxidation-reduction reactions

  • The fall of the proton: why acids react with bases 

    Lower, S. (Stephen) (2014-04)
    Why acids react with bases, but not always

  • The Family at the Centre of Early Learning 

    Parry, J. (John) (The Open University (OUUK), 2016-07)
    This free course, The family at the centre of early learning, focuses on the positive learning relationships that can exist in any family and how ordinary, everyday domestic activities can sustain learning. You will consider ...

  • Family Education: Module 1 

    Olatunde, F. (Funsho) (National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), 2015)
    At the end of this unit, you should be able to: • define family • mention and explain examples of traditional and modern/postmodern family structures • list the characteristics of traditional and modern/postmodern family ...

  • Family Education: Module 2 

    Olatunde, F. (Funsho) (National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), 2015)
    In this unit, you will learn about specific diseases that can affect the growth and development of members of the family. You will learn about the causes of these diseases, how they can be prevented and what family members ...

  • Family Education: Module 3 

    Olatunde, F. (Funsho) (National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), 2015)
    At the end of this unit, you should be able to: • discuss traditional education in Africa • state and explain aims of traditional education in Nigeria • describe the characteristics of traditional education in Nigeria • ...

  • Family Education: Syllabus 

    Olatunde, F. (Funsho) (National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), 2015)
    Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: • explain the concepts of family and family structures • identify roles and responsibilities of each member of the family • discuss issues pertaining to physical ...

  • The fascination with crime 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2014-06)
    Whether it's literature, television or film, crime has always been a popular genre with wide-appeal; but why is this source of fear such a fascinating subject to us?

  • Fashion and Visual Culture in the 19th Century: Women in Red 

    Nead, L. (Lynda) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Fashionable dress in the nineteenth century had a moral dimension. Introducing the theme of the morality and modernity of fashion, this lecture considers the visual representation of the fallen women, courtesan and prostitute ...

  • The Fast-Changing Arctic 

    Unknown author (University of Calgary, 2014-05)

  • The Faust Theme 

    Williams, K. (Kathy); Roed, B. (Bente) (Athabasca University (AU), 2013-11)
    not available

  • The Faust Theme 

    Unknown author (Athabasca University (AU), 2013-05)
    This course examines humanity’s continuing search for spiritual and intellectual self-realization. The course traces the symbolic figure of Faust and his changing image from the Renaissance to modern times. It examines the ...

  • Feature & Column Writing 

    Chaudhary, A. W. G. (Aamer Waqas Ghaus) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2014-07)
    Importance of languages, Sources of material, Internet usage in feature writing, What makes a good feature, Demands of a feature, Conducting and writing of interviews, Writing novelty intros, Structure of features, Selection ...

  • Feeding the City: Work and Food Culture of the Mumbai Dabbawalas 

    Roncaglia, S. (Sara) (Open Book Publishers, 2014-04)
    Feeding the City is an ethnographic study of the fascinating inner workings of Mumbai's dabbawalas. Cultural anthropologist Sara Roncaglia explains how they cater to the various dietary requirements of a diverse and ...

  • Fertility and Feminism 

    Deech, B. R. (Baroness Ruth) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    Has IVF increased women's control over their fertility and careers? Freezing their eggs may give women the opportunity to be fertile for as long a timespan as men: is this an advantage and what should the law be where two ...

  • Fertilizer Engineering 

    Dhiman, A. (Amit) (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2014-02)
    Modules / Lectures : Introduction to Fertilizers ; Nitrogen Fertilizers ; Phosphorus Fertilizers ; Potash Fertilizers ; Compound Fertilizers ; ...