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  • Understanding the Organisation: A Module Summary 

    Collings, J. (Jane); Watton, P. (Pete) (University of Plymouth, 2013-08)
    Module Aims 1. to support the learner in identifying and reviewing how organisations are structured and managed 2. to facilitate exploration of the learners’ immediate and wider work context in order to promote ...

  • The Undiscovered Country: Essays in Canadian Intellectual Culture 

    Angus, I. (Ian) (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-05)
    In this sequence of essays, Ian Angus engages with themes of identity, power, and the nation as they emerge in contemporary English Canadian philosophical thought, seeking to prepare the groundwork for a critical theory ...

  • Union and Typedef 

    Patil, Ashwini R (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2014-07-07)
    Outline: Typedef and Union in C; typedef keyword; Union keyword; Syntax and use of typedef and union; Difference between union and structure; ex: Check whether number is a pallindrome Calculate ...

  • Union Power: Solidarity and Struggle in Niagara 

    Patrias, C. (Carmela); Savage, L. (Larry) (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-05)
    Early industrial development and the appalling working conditions of the often vulnerable common labourer prompted a movement toward worker protection. Patrias and Savage argue that union power – power not built on profit, ...

  • The Universities - Over regulation 

    Deech, B. R. (Baroness Ruth) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    A century ago, British universities started to receive government funds. Since then, the universities have increasingly been called on to assist in meeting national objectives, as defined by successive governments, in ...

  • The Universities - Under regulation 

    Deech, B. R. (Baroness Ruth) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    All universities are anxious to raise funds and some have come under criticism for accepting funds from despotic regimes which are seeking credibility and influence. What are the limits of fundraising? British universities ...

  • The University of Cape Town General Surgery Textbook for Undergraduates 

    Khan, D.; Malherbe, F. (University of Cape Town, 2015-06)
    The University of Cape Town General Surgery Textbook for Undergraduates was initially put together by Professor John Terblanche over 26 years ago. It has gone through many updates since to keep pace with the ever ...

  • Urban and Rural Waste in China 

    Sinclair, N. (Nick); Song, T. (Tian) (The Open University (OUUK), 2016-03)
    This free course, Urban and rural waste in China, is an introduction to the waste practices and waste management processes currently being practiced in China. Students learn about waste in China and then contrast those ...

  • Urban transportation planning 

    Arasan, V. T. (V. Thamizh) (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2014-02)
    Modules / Lectures : Introduction ; Conceptual Aspects ; Trip Generation Analysis ; Modal Split Analysis ; Trip Distribution Analysis ; Route Assignment ; Transportation Surveys ; Transport Related Land-Use ...

  • Urban transportation planning 

    Parida, M. (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2014-02)

  • Urdu 

    Haidri, F. K. (Faisal Kamal) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2014-01)
    Urdu came into existence as a result of the Muslim conquest of the Indian Sub-continent. The Persian-speaking invaders needed to communicate with the local inhabitants and the medium which evolved was Urdu. The grammmer ...

  • The USA, power and international order: Foreign policy under Obama 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2011)
    President Obama’s inauguration in 2009 seemed to herald a new era in US foreign policy and international relations. But the Bush years had left a formidable set of problems - war in Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorism, nuclear ...

  • User Error: Why it's not your fault 

    Mann, T. (Tony) (Gresham College, 2014-03)
    We all make mistakes when we use computer systems - forgetting to save the last document version, neglecting to add the promised email attachment, texting the wrong person, or buying the wrong train ticket. Mistakes can ...

  • User Group and Entity Reference 

    Acquia and OSTraining; Spoken Tutorial Team (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2016-05-20)
    Outline: - Creating "User Group" Content type; - Explaining about User groups; - Adding fields to the "User Group" Content type; - Connecting "User Group" and "Events" Content types using Entity reference. ...

  • Using Existing Quantitative Data Sources 

    Lake, L. (Laura) (University of Plymouth, 2013-04)
    Not available

  • Using File Descriptors 

    Spoken Tutorial & FOSSEE Team; IIT Bombay (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2014-08-27)
    Outline: Using File Descriptors; Introduction on fd; Assign the file descriptor (fd) to file for output(exec fd > filename)'; Explained using an example of 'date' and 'echo'; ...

  • Using Law to Protect the Earth: From Environmental Law to the Rights of Nature 

    Cullinan, C. (Cormac); Daniels, G. (Gregory) (University of Cape Town, 2013)
    Since the adoption of the environmental right in section 24 of the Constitution and a range of subsequent environmental laws, many South Africans have faith that, if all else fails, the courts will protect the environment. ...

  • Using numbers and handling data 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2011)
    You might not realise it, but maths is an essential component of healthcare. In fact, sloppy calculations can have fatal consequences. This unit is a taster of Level 1 course materials for a Foundation Degree in health ...

  • Using vectors to model 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2011)
    This unit introduces the topic of vectors. The subject is developed without assuming you have come across it before, but the unit assumes that you have previously had a basic grounding in algebra and trigonometry, and how ...

  • Using Voluntary work to get ahead in the job market 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2011)
    This unit explores how engaging in voluntary work can enhance your employment opportunities