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  • Fictionalised Politics: How Politics and Politicians are Represented in the US and the UK 

    Fielding, S. (Steven) (University of Nottingham, 2011)
    This module assesses changing attitudes to representative politics in the US and UK, specifically political parties and those who lead them, through their representation in films, plays and novels since the C19th. How ...

  • Field Project Tutorials 

    McCaig, A. (Andrew); Lloyd, G. (Geoff); Butler, R. (Rob) (University of Leeds, 2014-05)
    This virtual five-day field mapping project allows students to construct a geological map from data provided by the web site. Students collect geologic, structural, paleontologic, strain and microstructural data observed ...

  • File Attributes 

    Farooqui, Shahid Ali; Anusha (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2014-08-29)
    Outline: File Attributes: chown, chmod, chmod -R, displaying files with ls -l; chmod u+, chmod a-w, chmod g+w, chmod -r, chgrp; inode, hard link, symbolic link. Pre-requisite: Working with Regular Files

  • File Extensions 

    Kaliappan, Snehalatha; IIT Bombay (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2016-03-28)
    Outline: * Prepare input files for computational chemistry programmes such as: GAMESS, Gaussian, MOPAC, NWChem etc.; * View Molecular orbitals and calculated IR spectrum using output files generated from GAMESS ...

  • File formats and transformation 

    Unknown author (University of Edinburgh, 2014-04)
    This unit introduces you to the concept of data file formatting, compression, normalisation, and other kinds of data transformation and why they are useful.

  • File Handling and Bookmarks 

    Praveen S; Sidhwa, Sakina (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2017-02-15)
    Outline: FileZilla - FIleHandling and Bookmarks: Upload files to the remote machine; View and Edit remote machine files locally; Rename and delete the remote machine files; Setting Permissions to the files; ...

  • File Handling In C 

    Patil, Ashwini R (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2012-06-20)
    Outline: Files in C; -File handling functions; -Opening a File closing a file; --example: fopen, fclose; -Reading data from a File. Pre-requisite: Function Call

  • File System 

    Choudhury, Anirban Roy; Kadambala, Anusha (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2014-08-16)
    Outline: File System; File; Directory; File Inode; Types of Files; Home directory and Current directory; Change Directory(cd); mkdir,rmdir. Pre-requisite: Basic Commands

  • Film in History/History in Film 

    Baron, N. (Nick) (University of Nottingham, 2009)
    This module explores the inter-relations and interactions of film and history in 20th century Europe and the United States (with a few classic films from elsewhere). It considers how films have appropriated past events as ...

  • Film School 

    Unknown author (Wikiversity, 2014-04)
    The purpose of this course is to make two motion pictures (one animated and one live action) titled "Seduced by the Dark Side!" which teaches one of life's important lessons.

  • Film scoring 

    Unknown author (Wikiversity, 2014-04)
    In the filmmaking and music departments, there are courses that can all be grouped into a unit called Film Scoring.

  • Film Series Five: Differentiation and Integration 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    The use of differentiation can help us make sense of cost decisions that are being made daily in industries worldwide. In this series we ask a number of questions, such as; would it be cheaper to educate students if ...

  • Film Series Four: Linear Programming 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    In the first part of this programme we illustrate how two businesses can make decisions that help maximise profits as a result of using the mathematical technique of of linear programming. These video clips and animations ...

  • Film Series One: Mathematical Review 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    In this series of films we review some basic ideas in mathematics. You may be familiar with these ideas but you need to be sure about them, as they are fundamental building blocks for what it to follow in a course of ...

  • Film Series Three: Mathematics of Finance and Growth 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    In this series of films we examine many circumstances where it is crucial to understand what is happening over a substantial time period. Individuals sometimes have to save for some while in order to finance large expenditures. ...

  • Film Series Two: Linear Equations 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    The economist's perspective in understanding the decisions of consumers is that people bring their preferences to the marketplace and make purchases that will maximise their sense of satisfaction, or utility. However, our ...

  • Filming Politics 

    Khouri, M. (Malek) (University of Calgary, 2014-05)
    Social Class and the NFB’s Early Films in Canadian Film Studies ; Canadian Film Culture Before the NFB ; The Development of a Working-Class Counter-Hegemonic Movement: A Historical Survey ; The Establishment of ...

  • Filmmaking Basics 

    Elliott, R. (Robert) (Wikiversity, 2014-04)
    Not available

  • Financial Accounting 

    Eshai, M. (Mujahid) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2013-04)
    In this subject student will be able to understand the basic accounting terms & concepts and flow of transaction i.e. occurrence of an event --voucher –General Journal – General Ledger—Trial Balance--Adjusted Trial ...

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting 

    Frecknall-Hughes, J. (Jane) (The Open University (OUUK), 2016-02)
    This free course, Financial accounting and reporting, discusses how accountants act as processors and purveyors of information for decision making and the needs of those who use accounting information. It also looks at the ...