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  • Science, Technology and Mathematics Modules for Upper Primary and Junior Secondary School Teachers of Science, Technology and Mathematics by Distance in the Southern African Development Community (SADC )[Technology modules] 

    Ministry of Education, Botswana; Ministry of Education, Malawi; Ministry of Education, Mozambique; Ministry of Education, Namibia; Ministry of Education, South Africa; Ministry of Education, Tanzania; Ministry of Education, Zambia; Ministry of Education, Zimbabwe (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2001)
    Upper Primary Technology: Module 1: Teaching Technology in the Primary School - Module 2: Making Things Move - Module 3: Structures - Module 4: Materials - Module 5: Processing - Junior Secondary Technology: Module 1: ...

  • Linux for IT Managers Course Guide 

    Kimolo, Nicholas (Commonwealth of Learning (COL); Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC), 2009)
    This manual course content can be used by learners preparing for other certifications including Linux+ and the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Certification. The main focus of this manual, though, will be to provide ...

  • Introduction to Computers 

    Powley, Roger; Virtual University for the Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC); Commonwealth of Learning (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2011-11)
    The Introduction to Computers course will prepare future entrepreneurs to operate computer hardware and software applications. Participants will gain an understanding of computer hardware, operating systems, office ...

  • Environmental Engineering Modules 

    Unknown author (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2004)
    Comprised of five modules: Air Pollution Control; Environmental Management; Management of Municipal Solid Waste; Municipal Water And Wastewater Treatment; Soil and Groundwater Pollution from Agricultural Activities.

  • Embryology of the Head and Neck 

    Chetty, M. (University of the Western Cape, 2013)
    This series of four videos feature diagrammatic representation of the development of the head and neck region of the human embryo.

  • Digital Herbarium 

    Not available (University of Jos, 2016)
    In botany, a herbarium (plural: herbaria) – sometimes known by the Anglicized term herbar – is a collection of preserved plant specimens. These specimens may be whole plants or plant parts: these will usually be in a dried ...

  • Radiology: A Small Guide 

    Baiocchi, L. (Lidia) (Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (PHEA), 2014)
    Some words and images about radiology. The X-rays contained in this booklet have been collected from the Hospital Central de Beira and represent average patients you might happen to see during your rotations now and in the ...

  • Introduction to Complex Health Systems 

    Not available (Consortium for Health Policy and Systems Analysis in Africa, 2013-04)
    In order to understand the functioning of health systems, and act towards strengthening them, it is necessary to grasp the notion of complexity and see how it plays out in the system, through the behaviours, actions and ...

  • KEYSTONE India initiative 

    Not available (Public Health Foundation of India, 2016-04)
    These open access Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) teaching and learning resources were developed for the inaugural KEYSTONE India short course on HPSR. They include 38 videos and 32 slide presentations organized ...

  • Introduction to Health Policy and Systems Research 

    Not available (Consortium for Health Policy and Systems Analysis in Africa, 2016)
    This course provides an introduction to the practice of health policy and systems research (HPSR). It is intended for all those interested in health systems – whether or not they are likely to go on to become full-time ...

  • Understanding and Analyzing Health Policy 

    Lehmann, U. (Uta) (University of the Western Cape, 2016)
    This module is based on a course first developed at the Centre for Health Policy, University of the Witwatersrand, and has been adapted and taught by several academic institutions across Africa since. Health policy analysis ...

  • VR Molecules Pro 

    Couture, M. (Marc) (University of Quebec, 2016-10)
    VR Molecules Pro is a simulation illustrating dynamically and interactively the vibration and rotation modes for 24 molecules (out of a more extensive list) containing up to twelve atoms. Much in the same way as a Power ...

  • Calculus of Several Variables: Analysis 2 

    Irunde, J. I. (Jacob Ismail) (Mkwawa University College, 2013)
    At the end of the course specifically, you will be able to define domain, limit, continuity, partial derivatives, and differentiability of functions of several variables, to determine domain, limits, partial derivatives, ...

  • Circuits and System Analysis 

    Uyguroglu, M. K. (Mustafa K.) (Eastern Mediterranean University, 2009)
    At the end of this course, students will be able to: identify physical systems and represent those systems in schematic form, define the mathematical models of two-terminal and multi-terminal components, draw the system ...

  • Communication Systems II 

    Hocanin, A. (Aykut) (Eastern Mediterranean University, 2004)
    The course is planned as a senior-level ‘Technical Elective’ course. It assumes that the students have a background in signals and systems, frequency domain spectrum, probability and statistics. The course presents the ...

  • Microwave Applications 

    Uyguroglu, R. (Rasime) (Eastern Mediterranean University, 2015)
    This course covers applications of microwave technology. Unit topics include transmission lines, stripline, micro stripline, wave guides, microwave network analysis, microwave resonators, and microwave filters.

  • Microwave Theory and Design 

    Uyguroglu, R. (Rasime) (Eastern Mediterranean University, 2016)
    On successful completion of this course, the students will be able to: understand the basic properties and application areas of microwaves, analyse and understand the transmission lines, analyse and understand the waveguides, ...

  • Communication Systems I 

    Bilgekul, H. (Huseyin) (Eastern Mediterranean University, 2011)
    After completing this course students should be able to: compute the DC, RMS, autocorrelation function and PSD of a deterministic signal, generate naturally sampled and flat-top sampled PAM signal, understand quantizing ...

  • Electromagnetics II 

    Uyguroglu, R. (Rasime) (Eastern Mediterranean University, 2016)
    During this course students will become more familiar with fundamental theory of electrodynamics, learn the basic applications of Maxwell's equations, learn basic properties of electromagnetic plane waves, learn basic ...

  • Electromagnetics I 

    Uyguroglu, R. (Rasime) (Eastern Mediterranean University, 2012)
    On successful completion of this course, all students will have developed knowledge and understanding of: Coulomb’s and Gauss’s laws, electrostatic potential, Poison’s and Laplace’s equations, conductors in the presence ...

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