Engineering Chemistry I

Tembe, B. L. ; Sunder, K. M. (K. Mangala)

n this course on Engineering Chemistry 1 you are introduced to the central concepts in physical chemistry which are used not only in understanding the other branches of chemistry, but also useful in getting more detailed and microscopic insights in Biology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Medicine and Engineering. The course has been divided into several modules. Modules 1 and 2 deal with atomic and molecular structures and intermolecular forces. Molecular spectroscopy is described in Module 3. Module 4 is a study of crystalline solids. Thermodynamics and electrochemistry are the subject matter of Module 5. Modules 6 and 7 explore the subject of chemical kinetics and dynamics. Module 8 discusses adsorption phenoma. The final module (Module 9) contains some of the common experimental methods used in studying physical chemistry. These lectures are self contained for more detailed analysis of the subject matter can be found in the references will that are provided at the end of each module. Publication date is unknown.

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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

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