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Develop skills for tertiary study

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dc.description.abstract1. Study Skills 2. Setting Personal Learning Goals 3. Time Management 4. Learning Styles 5. Note Taking 6. Reading Skills - This unit will help you to develop skills for skimming, scanning and reading critically. 7. Memory Techniques 8. Exam Preparation 9. Essay Writing Skills 10. How to present a poster 11. Researching Information Skills 12. Referencing using APA 13. Thinking Skills 14. Literature review - This unit will help you understand the purpose of a literature review. 15. Annotated bibliography - This unit will introduce you to the annotated bibliography. 16. Case study - This unit will introduce you to the Case Study. 17. Research Report - This unit will introduce you to the Scientific or Business Research Report including the purpose and structure of a research report. 18. Presentations - This unit explores how to give oral presentationsen_US
dc.publisherOtago Polytechnicen_US
dc.subjectstudy skills
dc.subjecttime management
dc.subjectlearning styles
dc.titleDevelop skills for tertiary studyen_US
dc.typeInteractive Resourceen
dc.identifier.edutagsInteractive Online Resourceen_US
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