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Knowledge technologies in context
dc.description.abstractThis unit explores knowledge technologies, that is, software systems that can represent, interpret, formalise or interrogate phenomena and create models of how the world works. It demonstrates how a well designed system can have positive effects on the work ‘ecosystem’, potentially allowing more time for people to concentrate on their strengths. Emphasising core concepts of representation, interpretation and situated use in context, this unit will help masters students and those involved in specifying and designing software for business understand how such systems can help manage knowledge as well as providing a framework for evaluating claims made by technology vendors and researchers.en_US
dc.publisherThe Open University (OUUK)en_US
dc.subjectinformation systems & informatics
dc.titleKnowledge technologies in contexten_US
dc.identifier.edutagsWeb Resourceen
dc.identifier.edutagsOpen Activityen
dc.identifier.learningresourcetypeFull Courseen

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