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  • Communication Systems 

    Calic, J. (Janko) (University of Surrey, 2013-07)
    A more advanced communications course covering elements of modern digital communications.

  • Effective Note taking Strategies 

    Unknown author (University of Surrey, 2013-04)
    This Learning Activity provides an introduction to effective note taking and listening strategies. You will assess your current level of competence in note taking and then be introduced to the application of abbreviations/symbols ...

  • Entrepreneurship 

    Unknown author (University of Surrey, 2013-04)
    There are literally dozens and dozens of different definitions of ‘the entrepreneur’ and the concept of ‘entrepreneurship’. Researchers and writers often seem to pick the definition that best fits the area they are discussing. ...

  • Interviewee or Interviewer 

    Unknown author (University of Surrey, 2013-04)
    1. Introduction 2. Getting Started 3. Task 1 - What do you think the terms "interview" and "interviewing" mean? 4. Task 2 - A mini lecture introducing the different types of interview. 5. Task 3 - Explore the structure of ...

  • Job Hunting 

    Unknown author (University of Surrey, 2013-04)
    A. Finding out about vacancies B. Finding out about employers C. Networking D. Researching other regions E. Working abroad F. Recruitment agencies

  • Learning Styles 

    Not available (University of Surrey, 2013-04)
    This resource is designed to help you examine your approach to learning and the role of reflection in the learning process.

  • Mind Mapping 

    Unknown author (University of Surrey, 2013-04)
    By the end of this Learning Activity, you should be able to: Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using mind maps. Draw a mind map. Use questioning words to stimulate your ideas for a mind map. Use a mind map as a ...

  • Other Selection Methods 

    Unknown author (University of Surrey, 2013-04)
    Section 1: Types of selection Section 2: What are employers looking for during selection? Section 3: Psychometric Tests Section 4: In-Tray Exercises Section 5: Group Exercises Section 6: Presentations Section7: Interviews ...

  • Signal Processing 

    Calic, J. (Janko) (University of Surrey, 2013-04)
    Digital Signal Processing is intended both for the practicing engineer with a basic knowledge of DSP and for a second course in signal processing at the senior or first-year postgraduate level. FFTs, digital filter design, ...