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  • ECG Tutorial 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-08)
    By the end of this tutorial the user should: 1. Understand the conducting system of the heart and which part of the conducting system is represented by the P wave, QRS complex and T wave. 2. Know what a a normal ECG looks ...

  • Film Series Five: Differentiation and Integration 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    The use of differentiation can help us make sense of cost decisions that are being made daily in industries worldwide. In this series we ask a number of questions, such as; would it be cheaper to educate students if ...

  • Film Series Four: Linear Programming 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    In the first part of this programme we illustrate how two businesses can make decisions that help maximise profits as a result of using the mathematical technique of of linear programming. These video clips and animations ...

  • Film Series One: Mathematical Review 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    In this series of films we review some basic ideas in mathematics. You may be familiar with these ideas but you need to be sure about them, as they are fundamental building blocks for what it to follow in a course of ...

  • Film Series Three: Mathematics of Finance and Growth 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    In this series of films we examine many circumstances where it is crucial to understand what is happening over a substantial time period. Individuals sometimes have to save for some while in order to finance large expenditures. ...

  • Film Series Two: Linear Equations 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    The economist's perspective in understanding the decisions of consumers is that people bring their preferences to the marketplace and make purchases that will maximise their sense of satisfaction, or utility. However, our ...

  • INGO Decision Tree 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-08)
    To introduce medical students to the challenges of delivering healthcare in developing countries.

  • Managing Creative Arts Research Data post graduate module 

    Gray, S. (Stephen); Jones, S. (Sarah); Clarke, P. (Paul) (University of Bristol, 2013-08)
    This post-graduate teaching module for creative arts disciplines is focused on making digital output which is highly usable and has maximum impact. The content is well suited for inclusion within MA programmes dealing with ...

  • Prognostication Decision Tree Tutorial 

    Unknown author (University of Bristol, 2013-08)
    To recognise the important factors needed to make a judgement about a patient’s stage of disease and prognosis. To apply this knowledge when making treatment decisions.

  • Teaching and learning guides 

    Not available (University of Bristol, 2013-07)
    The ten METAL teaching and learning guides are written primarily for lecturers and tutors, and present innovative and interactive approaches to teaching mathematical concepts to economics students. The guides include: ...