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  • E-Commerce and E-Business 

    Andam, Z. R. (Zorayda Ruth) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Preface; Introduction; Concepts and Definitions; E-Commerce Applications: Issues and Prospects; E-Commerce in Developing Countries;

  • E-government 

    Pascual, P. J. (Patricia J.) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction; Definition; The Goals of E-Government; E-Government and Human Development; The Challenges of E-Government; The Importance of a National Strategic ; Framework for E-Government; Making E-Government ...

  • FOSS A General Introduction 

    Wong, K. (Kenneth); Sayo, P. (Phet) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction; Why FOSS?; FOSS Success Stories; Linux; Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing; Localization and Internationalization; Case Studies; Annex I: Glossary; Annex II: Software Licenses; About APDIP; About ...

  • FOSS A General Introduction 

    Wong, K. (Kenneth) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction ; Why FOSS? ; FOSS Success Stories ; Linux ; Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing ; Localization and Internationalization ; Case Studies ; Annex I: Glossary ; Annex II: Software Licenses ...

  • FOSS Government Policy 

    Wong, K. (Kenneth) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction; Strategic Importance of FOSS; Why is a FOSS Policy Needed? ; Policy Formulation Approach; Strategies; Cross Sectoral Concerns; Conclusion;

  • Gender and ICT 

    Kuga, A. M. (Angela M.); Ramilo, C. G. (Chat Garcia); Cinco, C. (Cheekay) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction; Taking a Closer Look at Women's Realities; Placing a Women's Empowerment Back Into the Gender Equality Framework; Gender Analysis in Development is a Conscious Choice; Lessons Yet Unlearnt; Implications ...

  • Genes, Technology and Policy 

    Ochave, J. M. A. (Jose Maria A. ) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction; The Science; Applications in Medicine; Applications in Agriculture; Ownership Of and Access to Biotechnology;

  • ICT for Disaster Management 

    Wattegama, C. (Chanuka) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction; Disaster Management; ICT for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness; ICT for Disaster Response; ICT for Disaster Recovery;

  • ICT in Education 

    Tinio, V. L. (Victoria L.) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction; Definition of Terms; The Promise of ICTs in Education; The Uses of ICTs in Education; Issues in the Use of ICTs in Education; Key Challenges in Integrating ICTs in Education;

  • The Information Age 

    Lallana, E. C. (Emmanuel C.) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    This particular primer begins with a review of the digital and the ICT revolutions and how these profound technological transformations are changing the economy, business, and the workplace. The primer also outlines the ...

  • Information and Communication Technologies for Poverty Alleviation 

    Harris, R. W. (Roger W.) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction; Concepts & Definitions; Development Strategies and ICTs; The Lessons of Experience; Towards a General Framework Poverty ; Alleviation with ICTs;

  • Internet Governance 

    Kapur, A. (Akash) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction ; Background and Key Concepts ; Issues and Actors ; Internet Governance and Development ; Models and Concepts ; Conclusion: Best Practices and Looking Forward ; Works Cited and Suggested for Further ...

  • Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Information Economy 

    Quimbo, R. N. S. (Rodolfo Noel S.) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction; The Rule of Law and the Internet; Jurisdiction and Conflicts of Law; Legal Recognition of Electronic Documents and Electronic Signatures; Ideas Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property; Domain Name ...

  • Nets, Webs and the Information Infrastructure 

    Soriano, E. S. ( Edwin S.) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Introduction ; Enter the Net ; Viruses, Privacy and Security; Net for us ;

  • Small and Medium Enterprises and ICT 

    Kotelnikov, V. (Vadim ) (UNDP-APDIP, 2014-03)
    Concepts and Definitions; SME Adoption of ICT; General Policy Framework for ICT Adoption by SMEs; Specific Policy Recommendations for Governments; Suggestions for Further Reading;