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  • The a la carte cover 

    Pearce, K. (Kate) (Swansea College, 2013-04)
    This learning object is an animated movie that demonstrates how an A la carte cover should be set. Using the mouse, students are able to control the speed at which they watch the demonstration, wherein each item of cutlery ...

  • Components of an airline ticket 

    Jones, L. (Lewis) (Swansea College, 2013-04)
    Exercise explaining the different components of an airline ticket and instructions on how to fill one in. Includes interactive self assessment tests.

  • Deep frying equipment 

    Pearce, K. (Kate) (Swansea College, 2013-04)
    An interactive movie that gives detailed information on all the equipment needed when deep fring fish in batter.

  • Deep frying fish 

    Pearce, K. (Kate) (Swansea College, 2013-04)
    A multiple choice interaction which tests the user's knowledge as to which types of fish are best for deep frying.

  • Different types of airline tickets 

    Jones, L. (Lewis) (Swansea College, 2013-04)
    Interactive activities explaining the different types of airline tickets available

  • Factors influencing the pricing of fares for travel 

    Besley, K. (Kristian) (Swansea College, 2013-04)
    Description of the factors that can affect a price of a fare

  • How to complete a first class one-way air ticket with a 'void' coupon 

    Besley, K. (Kristian) (Swansea College, 2013-04)
    An interactive resource highlighting the most important information required for completion of a first class one-way air ticket with a 'void' coupon. An interactive question and answer section is also available.

  • Map of India 

    James, S. (Simon) (Swansea College, 2014-04)
    This resource is a PDF map of India, showing both international and state or union territory boundaries, national and state or union territory capitals, and expressways, roads, and railways.

  • Organisms which cause food poisoning 

    Ashman, G. (Graham) (Swansea College, 2013-04)
    Food borne disease animation questionnaire