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  • Biochemistry: Bile acids & Salts 

    M. S., K. (Kanthimathi) (University of Malaya, 2013-03)
    State the composition of bile and the role of bile acids/salts in lipid digestion (in detail) and cholesterol removal; Describe the formation of primary (in the liver) and secondary (in the intestine) bile acids, in detail, ...

  • Biochemistry: Haemoglobin degradation 

    M. S., K. (Kanthimathi) (University of Malaya, 2013-03)
    State the fate of haemoglobin when red blood cells undergo senescence; State the composition of bile; Describe haem catabolism and the formation of bilirubin; Describe the transport of bilirubin and subsequent processing; ...

  • Biochemistry: Metabolic adaptations in Pregnancy 

    M. S., K. (Kanthimathi) (University of Malaya, 2013-03)
    The effect of the foetus on maternal energy metabolism in early and late gestation; Sources of energy for the mother and foetus; The development of insulin resistance; Gestational diabetes and its effect on foetal development.