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  • The ABCs of Human Survival 

    Clark, A. (Arthur) (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-04)
    Introduction and Overview; Choosing the Future ; Axioms ; Paradigm Shift; Principles of Global Community; The Case of Iraq; Principles of Global Citizenship; Practicing Citizenship; Prognosis;

  • Accessible Elements: Teaching Science Online and at a Distance 

    Kennepohl, D. (Dietmar); Shaw, L. (Lawton) (Athabasca University (AU), 2010)
    (From introduction) There is very real and growing demand by students for more flexible approaches to learning science. Online and distance delivery offers practical alternatives to traditional on-campus education for ...

  • The Anatomy of Ethical Leadership: To Lead Our Organizations in a Conscientious and Authentic Manner 

    Langlois, L. (Lyse) (Athabasca University (AU), 2011-05)
    Performance at all costs, productivity without regard to consequences, and a competitive work environment: these are the ethical factors discussed in The Anatomy of Ethical Leadership, which highlights issues in workplace ...

  • Connecting Canadians 

    Unknown author (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-05)
    Context; conceptual Frameworks; Community Innovation I: Participation and Inclusion; Community Innovation II: Wireless Networking; Rural and Remote Broadband; Libraries and Community Networks; Public Policy;

  • Controlling Knowledge: Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection in a Networked World 

    Stefanick, L. (Lorna) (Athabasca University (AU), 2011-08)
    Digital communications technology has immeasurably enhanced our capacity to store, retrieve, and exchange information. But who controls our access to information, and who decides what others have a right to know about us? ...

  • Creative Clinical Teaching in the Health Professions 

    Melrose, Sherri; Park, Caroline; Perry, Beth (Athabasca University (AU), 2015)
    This peer reviewed e-book is a must-read for nurses and other health professionals who strive to teach with creativity and excellence in clinical settings. Each chapter presents current evidence informed educational practice ...

  • A Designer's Log: Case Studies in Instructional Design 

    Power, M. (Michael) (Athabasca University (AU), 2009)
    This book deals with the design of distance education at an emerging dual-mode university, that is, a university offering courses both on-campus and via distance education or online in a variety of manners. It was written ...

  • Drafting Preliminary, Amending, and Final Provisions 

    Patchett, K. (Keith); Keyes, J. M. (John Mark); Pagano, P. J. (Peter J.) (Athabasca University (AU), 2015-01)

  • Emerging Technologies in Distance Education 

    Veletsianos, G. (George) (Athabasca University (AU), 2010)
    A one-stop knowledge resource, Emerging Technologies in Distance Education showcases the international work of research scholars and innovative distance education practitioners who use emerging interactive technologies for ...

  • English 

    Unknown author (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-04)
    This course examines humanity’s continuing search for spiritual and intellectual self-realization. The course traces the symbolic figure of Faust and his changing image from the Renaissance to modern times. It examines the ...

  • Expansive Discourses 

    Foran, M. (Max) (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-04)
    A groundbreaking study of urban sprawl in Calgary after the Second World War. The interactions of land developers and the local government influenced how the pattern grew: developers met market demands and optimized profits ...

  • The Faust Theme 

    Williams, K. (Kathy); Roed, B. (Bente) (Athabasca University (AU), 2013-11)
    not available

  • The Faust Theme 

    Unknown author (Athabasca University (AU), 2013-05)
    This course examines humanity’s continuing search for spiritual and intellectual self-realization. The course traces the symbolic figure of Faust and his changing image from the Renaissance to modern times. It examines the ...

  • Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice 

    Burge, E. (Elizabeth); Gibson, C. C. (Chère Campbell); Gibson, T. (Terry) (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-04)
    Flexibility has become a watchword in modern education, but its implementation is by no means a straightforward matter. Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice sheds light on the often taken-for-granted assumptions that inform ...

  • Game-Day Gangsters 

    Fogel, C. (Fogel) (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-04)
    Discerning Consent in Canadian Sport; A Brotherhood of Violence and Mutilation; Hazing in the Aftermath of McGill’s Mr. Broomstick; Athletes in the Era of Performance-Enhancing Drugs; Arenas of Toleration in Canadian ...

  • Green Information and Communications Technology Strategies 

    Worthington, T. (Tom); Stewart, B. (Brian) (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-03)
    not available

  • Hard Time: Reforming the Penitentiary in Nineteenth-Century Canada 

    McCoy, T. (Ted) (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-05)
    Tracing the rise and evolution of Canadian penitentiaries in the nineteenth century, Hard Time examines the concepts of criminality and rehabilitation, the role of labour in penal regimes, and the problem of violence. ...

  • Health and Community Development 

    Fraser, J. (Joy); Ascott, J. (Jane) (Athabasca University (AU), 2016-01)
    not available

  • How Canadians Communicate 

    Unknown author (Athabasca University (AU), 2014-05)
    Media and Politics : The Changing World of Media and Politics; Citizens and Politics in Everyday Life;

  • Human Resource Planning 

    Unknown author (Athabasca University (AU), 2013-05)
    It examines the practice and theory of human resource planning in Canadian workplaces. Students will develop a general understanding of human resource planning, and use common techniques to work through case studies.