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  • Analysis 1 

    Khalagai, J. M. (Jairus M.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2013-04)
    Unit 1 - Analysis on the real line: Unit 2 – Vector Analysis Unit 3 – Complex Analysis

  • Analysis 2 

    Khalagai, J. M. (Jairus M.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2013-04)
    Unit 4 – Real Analysis Unit 5 – Topology Unit 6/7 – Measure Theory

  • Animal Diversity 

    Rabotovao, L. J. (Laurence J.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    The lessons presented in this module on animal diversity are based on the social constructivist theory of learning. Learners construct their own understanding and develop their own skills, both individually and as part of ...

  • Atomic Physics 

    Kiwanga, C. A. (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    In this module you will learn about an important topic in physics, namely Atomic Physics. The subject matter of the module is a principal component of the so called Modern Physics, a scientific discipline that came into ...

  • Basic Mathematics 

    Khalagai, J. M. (Jairus M.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    This module consists of three units which are as follows: Unit 1: (i) Sets and Functions (ii) Composite Functions This unit starts with the concept of a set. It then intoroduces logic which gives the learner techniques ...

  • Calculus 

    Masenge, R. W. P. (Ralph W. P.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    This is a four unit module. The first two units cover the basic concepts of the differential and integral calcualus of functions of a single variable. The third unit is devoted to sequences of real numbers and infinite ...

  • Cell Biology and Genetics 

    Twesigye, C. K. (Charles K.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    We have structured the module for you into two main sections namely Cell Biology and Genetics. Section A will introduce you to cells (cell theory),the molecular and structural organizations of prokaryotic and eukaryotic ...

  • Classroom Management and Supervision 

    Osman, R. M. (Ridwan M.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    The ability to manage, lead and supervise students during the learning process has been shown to be an indispensible component of effective teaching and learning, more so in Sub-Saharan Africa where the challenge of ...

  • Comparative Education 

    Embozi, E. H. (Emmy H.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    This module provides a basis for educational comparisons aimed at creating an understanding of issues influencing the focus, structure, organization and practice of education at international level, regional level and local ...

  • Contemporary Issues in Education 

    Enosi, S. (Ssemanda) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2011)
    This Module covers Contemporary issues in Education both local and global. It embraces a wide array of selected developments, initiatives and innovations and reforms. These include the Millennium Development Goals, Human ...

  • Curriculum Studies 

    Nyagah, G. (Grace) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    This module examines the concept of curriculum and its place in the teaching learning process, highlighting the theory and practice. The determinants of curriculum are explored including the historical, philosophical, ...

  • Developmental Psychology 

    Phiri, J. T. (John T.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    As a teacher you will be expected to deal with learners of different backgrounds and with a variety of individual differences at different age levels. In order for you to effectively handle the learners you need to know ...

  • Differential Equations 

    Ekol, G. L. (George L.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    his module consisst of two units, namely Introduction to Ordinary differential equations and higher order differential equations respectively. In unit one both homogeneous and non-homogeneous ordinary differential equations ...

  • Diversity of Algae and Plants 

    Tekere, M. (Memory) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010-11-18)
    In this module you will cover the diversity of algae (green, red and brown algae), lower plants (Bryophytes and Pteridophytes), and higher plants (Angiosperms and Gymnosperms), emphasizing their major divisions, distribution, ...

  • Ecology and Environment 

    Mworia, J. K. (John Kiogora) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    The module consists of 5 units, each with at least 4 learning activities. First you will be introduced to ecology by defining its various branches and terminology. You will then learn how organisms are organised into ...

  • Educational Communication 

    Ekol, G. L. (George L.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    This module derives educational communication from the broad context of human communication. It begins by looking at interpersonal communication as presented by scholars such as Berlo and Schramm. Their models are used ...

  • Educational Evaluation and Testing 

    Osman, R. M. (Ridwan M.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    This module – Educational Evaluation and Testing – is intended to enable you have the ability to understand the principles and concepts of the different types of educational evaluation. This is introduction course, and ...

  • Educational Management 

    Kimani, G. N. (Gerald Ngugi) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    This module deals with educational management. It discusses the organizational and administrative structure. Theories of educational administration are then presented followed by functions of management. The last part of ...

  • Educational Research 

    Osman, R. M. (Ridwan M.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010-12)
    Good educational theory and practice rest on a strong foundation of new knowledge. Through research we can create new knowledge and/or even modify existing knowledge. In order to be effective, teachers need to test their ...

  • Electricity and Magnetism 

    Obwoya, S. K. (Sam K.) (African Virtual University (AVU), 2010)
    This course of Electricity and magnetism is intended for students enrolling for B.Ed Degree. The module consists of five units: Concept of electric charge; electric potential; capacitance; direct current and magnetism. The ...