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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013About Digital LiteracyNot available
2011Accessibility of eLearningNot available
Jul-2014Addressing Problems of Learning Through Technology and PedagogyIqbal, M. A. (Muhammad Ashraf)
Sep-2014Architecture of a MOOC: AnalyticsPrabhakar, T. V.
Sep-2014Architecture of a MOOC: AssessmentPrabhakar, T. V.
Sep-2014Architecture of a MOOC: CertificationPrabhakar, T. V.
Sep-2014Architecture of a MOOC: Event ManagementPrabhakar, T. V.
Sep-2014Architecture of a MOOC: IdentityPrabhakar, T. V.
Apr-2014Blackboard 6 - storing your own things onto BlackboardFlorczak, K. (Karl)
Apr-2014Blackboard 6 - tests and surveysFlorczak, K. (Karl)
Apr-2014Blackboard 6 : the gradebookFlorczak, K. (Karl)
Mar-2014Blended Learning in K-12Not available
Jun-2013Building a global teaching profile: OER at UCTPaskevicius, M. (Michael); Willmers, M. (Michelle); Hodgkinson-Williams, C. (Cheryl)
2013CCTI Course Introductory Presentationvan Wyk, T. (Trudi)
Jul-2012COL Video Series: Distance Education Leadership and ManagementLentell, H. (Helen); Abrioux, D. (Dominique); Collinge, J. (Joan)
2011Creating open educational resourcesNot available
Apr-2014Creative uses of in-class technologyStephenson, J. (Juliette); Cortinhas, C. (Carlos)
2011Creativity, community and ICT-
Jul-2014Deconstructing the Digital Natives DiscourseBullen, M. (Mark)
2009A Designer's Log: Case Studies in Instructional DesignPower, M. (Michael)