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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014The 3 faces of MaliWain, A. (Anthony)
Mar-2014Adventures in Forensic AnthropologyMorris, A. (Alan)
Mar-2014Ancient CivilizationsHorning, R. (Robert); Kalicharan, S. (Shanel); Alnaggar, E. (Enaam)
May-2014The Anglo-Scottish BalladAtkinson, D. (David)
Apr-2014AnthropologyUlijaszek, S. (Stanley); Davis, A. (Angela); Faircloth, C. (Charlotte )
May-2014Blackfoot Ways of Knowing: The Worldview of the SiksikaitsitapiBastien, B. (Betty)
Apr-2014Cognetive ScienceShillcock, R. (Richard); Lapata, M. (Mirella)
Feb-2014Cultural StudiesDas, L. (Liza)
Apr-2014Feeding the City: Work and Food Culture of the Mumbai DabbawalasRoncaglia, S. (Sara)
Apr-2014Frontier Encounters: Knowledge and Practice at the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian Border-
May-2014How to Read a Folktale: The 'Ibonia' Epic from MadagascarHaring, L. (Lee)
May-2014New Directions in Dental Anthropology-
Apr-2014Oral Literature in AfricaFinnegan, R. (Ruth)
Mar-2014Seeing our world through scienceSithaldeen, R. (Riashna); Jarrett, T. (Thomas)
Apr-2014Storytelling in Northern Zambia: Theory, Method, Practice and Other Necessary FictionsCancel, R. (Robert)
Mar-2014Survey of Communication StudyHahn, L. K. (Laura K.); Lippert, L. (Lance); Paynton, S. T. (Scott T.)
May-2014Tracing the Melanesian PersonHemer, S. R. (Susan R.)
2009Understanding Contemporary SocietyParker, D. J. (David J.)
Apr-2014Why Do We Quote? The Culture and History of QuotationFinnegan, R. (Ruth)