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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2013001 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Probability Amplitudes and Quantum StatesBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013003 Operators and MeasurementBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013004 Commutators and Time Evolution (the Time Dependent Schrodinger Equation)Binney, J. (James)
Jul-2013005 Further TDSE and the Position RepresentationBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013006 Wavefunctions for Well Defined Momentum, the Uncertainty Principle and Dynamics of a Free ParticleBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013007 Back to Two-Slit Interference, Generalization to Three Dimensions and the Virial TheoremBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013008 The Harmonic Oscillator and the Wavefunctions of its Stationary StatesBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013009 Dynamics of Oscillators and the Anharmonic OscillatorBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013010 Transformation of Kets, Continuous and Discrete Transformations and the Rotation OperatorBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013011 Transformation of Operators and the Parity OperatorBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013012 Angular Momentum and Motion in a Magnetic FieldBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013013 Hilary: The Square WellBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013014 A Pair of Square Wells and the Ammonia MaserBinney, J. (James)
Jul-2013015 Tunnelling and Radioactive DecayBinney, J. (James)
May-2014016 Composite Systems - Entanglement and OperatorsBinney, J. (James)
May-2014017 Einstein-Podolski-Rosen Experiment and Bell's InequalityBinney, J. (James)
May-2014018 Angular MomentumBinney, J. (James)
May-2014019 Diatomic Molecules and Orbital Angular MomentumBinney, J. (James)
May-2014020 Further Orbital Angular Momentum, Spectra of L2 and LZBinney, J. (James)
May-2014021 Even further Orbital Angular Momentum - Eigenfunctions, Parity and Kinetic EnergyBinney, J. (James)