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  • Pain and Aspirin 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2011)
    What causes pain and how do we stop it? This unit looks at how the human body responds to the release of certain chemicals and as a result feels pain. Pain can be reduced by inhibiting the formation of such chemicals and ...

  • Painting (Senior Secondary course) 

    Not available (National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), 2013-04)
    This course in painting for the senior secondary level has been divided into three compulsory modules namely: -- History and Appreciation of Indian art -- History and Appreciation of Indian painting and sculptures -- Folk ...

  • Pair Products 

    Not available (University of Cambridge, 2013-04)
    Visualising and explaining

  • Pair Work for Language and Literacy 

    Adinolfi, L. (Lina); Aparajeeta, A. (Aditi); Pradhan, A. K. (Arun Kumari) (TESS India, 2016)
    This unit focuses on ways of planning and managing pair work in your language lessons. By providing opportunities for sociable, collaborative learning in many different activity types, pair work can be a very effective ...

  • Pair Work: Atoms and Molecules, and Chemical Reactions 

    Stutchbury, K. (Kris); Banks, F. (Frank); Dewan, H. (Hardy) (TESS India, 2016)
    In this unit you will learn about some simple strategies for encouraging your students to talk about science problems and review their work with another student in the class. Talking about science and reviewing each other’s ...

  • Pair Work: Life Processes 

    Devereux, J. (Jane); James, C. (Chrissie); Dewan, H. (Hardy) (TESS India, 2016)
    Using pair work is a very simple strategy that enables all students, whatever the size of your class, to take part in the lesson. Encouraging students to talk and share their ideas on topics will stimulate their thinking ...

  • Pakistan Studies 

    Karim, A. S. (Arshad S.) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2014-07)
    Historical Foundations, Geographical and Social Cultural Foundations, Economic Foundations, Ideological Foundations, Making of Pakistan: Movement for Freedom, Historical Movement, Ideological Movement, Political Movement, ...

  • Pakistan Studies 

    Rizvi, H. A. (Hassan Askari) (Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP), 2013-04)
    The main objective of this course is to equip the students with the complete knowledge about the history of Pakistan. The students will learn about political, social, educational and economic problems and constitutional ...

  • "Pan" and Literacy for Trinidad and Tobago Teachers 

    Joseph, B. (Barbara); Burrus, S.C. (Sidney C.); Schmidt-Jones, C. (Catherine); Baraniuk, R. (Richard) (University of Trinidad and Tobago, 2013-07)
    These modules about "PAN"--short for "steelpan" are directly related to the attempt to find ways in the culture and speech of young people in Trinidad and Tobago to improve their school Literacy. The collection is for the ...

  • Panel Connections and Software Interface 

    Madhuri; Kaushik; Sakina (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2015-06-11)
    Outline: Explain various terminals on the top Panel. Explain Accessory set. Explain the Plot Window. Demonstrate Ohm's law. Demonstrate Series and Parallel resistances connections. Show circuit diagrams. Show ...

  • Parallel Algorithms 

    Seethalakshmi, R.; Sairam, N. (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2014-01)
    Modules : Need for Parallel computers, Parallel Algorithm Models, Performance Analysis ; Dense Algorithms ; Decomposition and Mapping Techniques ; Sorting Techniques ; Searching and Selection ; Graph Algorithms ;

  • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 

    Fisch, K. (Karl) (2014-04)
    To understand what makes lines parallel and what makes lines perpendicular. To write equations of lines that are parallel and lines that are perpendicular.

  • Parallel Computer Architecture 

    Chaudhuri, M. (Mainak) (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2014-01)
    Modules / Lectures : Multi-core: The Ultimate Dose of Moore ; Parallel Computer Architecture: Today and Tomorrow ; Recap: Single-threaded Execution ; Recap: Virtual Memory and Caches ; MIPS R10000: A Case Study ; ...

  • Parallel Computing 

    Kumar, S. (Subodh) (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2014-01)
    Modules / Lectures : Parallel Programming Paradigms ; Parallel Architecture ; Open MP ; Open MP&PRAM Model of Computation ; PRAM ; Models of Parallel Computation,Complexity ; Memory Consistency ; Memory ...

  • Parallelogram 

    Not available (National Council Of Educational Research And Training (NCERT), 2016-09)
    This applet shows the different types of parallelogram.

  • Parallelogram on the same base and between same parallel lines 

    Not available (National Council Of Educational Research And Training (NCERT), 2014-04)
    In this applet, you can examine the relation between parallelograms on the same base and between same parallel lines.

  • Paraphrasing text 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-07)
    In this unit you will focus on paraphrasing text. This is really a process of turning what you are reading into ‘your own words’, which is an essential skill at university.

  • Parasympathetic Nervous System 

    Meal, A. (Andy) (University of Nottingham, 2011)
    This learning object explains the anatomical organisation of the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. This learning object is used as part of the level 1 Biological Sciences module delivered by the ...

  • Parental Involvement in Homework: Does the Socio-Economic Factor Matter? 

    Ndebele, M. (Mishek) (BRIDGE, 2015-05)
    A presentation by Dr Misheck Ndebele at the Teachers Upfront Seminar on Parents as Partners in the Classroom.

  • Parenting 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-07)
    “I blame the parents!” How often is that phrase used to explain the ills of society and is it valid? This material will consider how important is quality parenting, who judges it, and is its provision the sole responsibility ...