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  • Laboratory Methods for Clinical Microbiology 

    Adu-Sarkodie, Y. (Yaw); Engleberg, C. (Cary); Osei, C. A. (Charles Agyei) (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, 2009)
    This comprehensive module explores common laboratory experiments for microbiology, including microbiological stains (e.g. Gram stains), assessing the accuracy of diagnostic tests, measuring antibody response to infection, ...

  • Labour Law 1: Module 1 

    Ifelaja, C. A. (Charles Adebayo) (National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), 2015)
    At the end of this unit, you should be able to: • identify the various sources of Nigeria labour law • discuss the history of labour law in Nigeria • discuss the whole essence of labour law in Nigeria • determine factors ...

  • Labour Law 1: Module 2 

    Ifelaja, C. A. (Charles Adebayo) (National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), 2015)
    At the end of this unit, you should be able to: • discuss the differences in the mode of establishing an employment contract from all other forms of contracts • mention the relevant contents of a contract of employment ...

  • Labour Law 1: Module 3 

    Ifelaja, C. A. (Charles Adebayo) (National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), 2015)
    At the end of this unit, you should be able to: • discuss vicarious liability in relation to labour law • discuss employer’s vicarious liability for the tort of his employees • mention the situations that will naturally ...

  • Labour Law 1: Module 4 

    Ifelaja, C. A. (Charles Adebayo) (National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), 2015)
    At the end of this unit, you should be able to: • explain why we have trade unions as a concept in labour law in Nigeria • state the major particulars in relation to the law that provides for the formation of trade ...

  • Labour Law 1: Syllabus 

    Ifelaja, C. A. (Charles Adebayo) (National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), 2015)
    This course deals with 15 basic points typically relevant and found in Commonwealth Jurisdictions most of which gained independence from the Britain, our colonial master. These topics, broken down into units generally ...

  • Lamb Carcass 

    McAlinden, S. (Suzanne) (City of Glasgow College, 2015)
    Video of a lecture at the College of Glasgow detailing butchering a lamb carcass.

  • Lamb chops 

    Tabern, N. (Nicola) (St Helens College, 2013-04)
    Video showing how to cook and serve lamb chops using a griddle pan.

  • Land Degradation in South Africa 

    Hoffman, T. (Timm); Todd, S. (Simon); Turner, S. (Stephen); Ntshona, Z. (Zolile) (University of Cape Town, 2011)
    The literature review is comprised of 11 chapters plus a list of references. Each chapter may be downloaded separately in zipped MS Word 97 format, or the complete review may be downloaded in zipped plain-text format. The ...

  • The Land Question in South Africa:The challenge of transformation and distribution 

    Ntsebeza, L. (Lungisile); Hall, R. (Ruth) (University of Cape Town, 2010)
    The extent to which indigenous people were dispossessed of their land by whites in South Africa under colonial rule and apartheid has no parallels on the African continent. This book debates these issues against the backdrop ...

  • Landscapes of Encounter 

    Gearon, L. (Liam) (University of Calgary, 2014-05)
    The Portrayal of Catholicism in the Novels of Brian Moore

  • Language and Creativity 

    Seargeant, P. (Philip); Demjén, Z. (Zsófia); Manford, P. (Penny) (The Open University (OUUK), 2016-07)
    This free course is an introduction to the relationship between language and creativity, to the roles that linguistic creativity plays in culture and society, and to the different approaches to its study. After studying ...

  • Language and thought: Introducing representation 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2011)
    How does what you say come to mean something? Does what you say inherently represent what you, the speaker, think it means, whatever that might be, or does what you say carry its own meaning, separate from your intentions ...

  • Language Arts primary job cards 

    Not available (Open School BC, 2015-01)
    Let's Sail into Language Arts Primary Job Cards. Increase your child's confidence and familiarity with English Language Arts. The Let's Sail into Language Arts Primary Job Cards are an excellent resource for parents, ...

  • Language as a medium for teaching and learning 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-04)
    Are you interested in English language education? This unit examines the use of language as a cultural tool which allows humans to become involved in a two-way process of constant change. The unit will help those within ...

  • Language in Leadership and Management 

    Not available (South African Institute for Distance Education, 2013-04)
    This module serves a dual purpose. On the one hand it is aimed at developing the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills you need to successfully work your way through all the modules included in this ACE programme. ...

  • Language in the Science Classroom: Cells 

    Stutchbury, K. (Kris); Banks, F. (Frank); Dewan, H. (Hardy) (TESS India, 2016)
    This unit will help you to increase your understanding of the central role of language in the development of students’ understanding of science. It provides you with some simple strategies to use in your classroom that ...

  • Language, Identity, Modernity: The Arabic Study Circle of Durban 

    Jeppie, S. (Shamil) (HSRC Press, 2007)
    A fusion of linguistic, religious and ethnic groups with rich, diverse roots and intersecting histories make up South Africa. However, the literature on most of the smaller groups tends to be thin and uneven and often tends ...

  • Language, Literacy and Citizenship 

    Adinolfi, L. (Lina); Aparajeeta, A. (Aditi); Pradhan, A. (Anil) (TESS India, 2016)
    This unit is a guide to planning a thematic class project on citizenship. It describes how to devise and monitor a series of interconnected activities that encourage your students to be inclusive, reflective and considerate ...

  • Language, notation and formulas 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-07)
    Communication is as vital in mathematics as in any language. This unit will help you to express yourself clearly when writing and speaking about mathematics. You will also learn how to answer questions in the manner that ...