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  • Writing Sequence Files 

    Kaliappan, Snehalatha; IIT Bombay (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2015-09-20)
    Outline: Create Sequence Record Objects. Write sequence files using write function of Sequence Input/Output module( Bio.SeqIO. write()). Convert between file formats. Sort records in a file by length. Pre-requisite: ...

  • Writing Skills 

    Unknown author (University of Leicester, 2013-08)
    This OER is intended to assist with advice and guidance to students on Writing Skills, including essay planning and writing, referencing, critical writing and critical reading. The OER also covers writing for science, ...

  • Writing Skills for Business English: Training for NGO Staff 

    Not available (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2005)
    This course contains four modules: * Module 1: Basic Grammar Skills * Module 2: Putting Grammar to Use * Module 3: Creating Short Writing * Module 4: Applying English Skills to Special Projects

  • Writing what you know 

    Unknown author (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-07)
    Do you want to improve your descriptive writing? This unit will help you to develop your perception of the world about you and enable you to see the familiar things in everyday life in a new light. You will also learn how ...

  • x86 Disassembly 

    Unknown author (Wikibooks, 2014-03)
    Tools; Platforms; Code Patterns; Data Patterns; Difficulties; Resources and Licensing;

  • Xfig - Embedding Maths 

    Moudgalya, Kannan M. (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2011-02-09)
    Outline: Feedback diagram with Maths: Open the .fig file saved in the feedback control tutorial; Put $G(z) = \frac z{z-1}$ in the second block diagram; Choose the special flag; Save and export it ...

  • Xfig - Feedback Diagrams 

    Moudgalya, Kannan M.; IIT Bombay (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2011-02-08)
    Outline: Feedback control diagram: Open the .fig file created in the simple block diagram tutorial; Copy the box; Change the text justification to centre aligned; Enter text directly into the ...

  • Xfig - Simple Block Diagram 

    Moudgalya, Kannan M. (Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay, 2011-02-07)
    Xfig is an interactive drawing tool which runs under X Window System on most UNIX-compatible platforms, including Mac OS X and any X server under Microsoft Windows. Outline: Simple block diagram: Explain panel ...

  • Xhosa 

    Not available (University of South Africa – UNISA, 2014-05)
    greetings and courtesies; asking for help, emergencies; numbers, days, months, seasons; question words, quantities, weather and time; banks, taxis and restaurants; transportation and finding your way; touring ...

  • Xhosa in 45 minutes 

    Dowling, T. (Tessa) (University of Cape Town, 2014-03)
    This was a free lunch-time event at UCT Summer School, offering participants a chance to learn the basics of the Xhosa phonology and grammar. At the end of the lecture you will be able to: * click with ease * talk ...

  • XML - Managing Data Exchange 

    Unknown author (Wikibooks, 2014-03)
    Introduction to XML ; A single entity ; Basic data structures ; The one-to-many relationship ; The one-to-one relationship ; The many-to-many relationship ; Recursive relationships ; Data schemas ; Document ...

  • XML Programming 

    Samsudin, N. (Norlela) (Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), 2013)
    After completing this lesson students will be able to understand different components of an XML document, create a well formed XML document, and understand XML technologies.

  • Yarn Manufacture - II 

    Alagirusamy, R. (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), 2013-07)
    Modules / Lectures : Combing; Roving; Ring Spinning Machine; Ring Spun Yarns; New Spinning systems; Yarn Doubling;

  • Yoga 

    Not available (Wikibooks, 2014-03)
    What is Yoga; How to practice Yoga? ; Dynamic Exercises; Basic Yoga Series; Chair Yoga; Meditation; The Ten Principles of Yoga; The Five Principles of Health; Yoga Tales; Yoga Masters; Yoga and Christianity;

  • You and your money 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-07)
    An important aspect of personal finance is the way individuals and households manage their debt, how much it costs and the different types of credit they can or cannot access. This unit explores these issues, with respect ...

  • Young People’s Wellbeing 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2011)
    What do we mean by ‘wellbeing’ for young people? How is it shaped by social differences and inequalities, and how can we improve young people's mental and physical health? This unit will examine the range of factors affecting ...

  • Your body's systems 

    Not available (Open School BC, 2015-01)
    In this learning package, you’ll apply what you know about cell biology to learn about tissue development, and organ systems. You’ll learn about four of the major body systems: • the circulatory system • the respiratory ...

  • Your understanding and attitudes to science 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-04)
    What is meant by ‘science’? How do political, philosophical and religious beliefs affect scientific discoveries and developments? In this unit you focus on your own experiences and knowledge of science, and you look at ...

  • Youth violence: Sources and solutions in South Africa 

    Ward, C. L. (Catherine L.); van der Merwe, A. (Amelia); Dawes, A. (Andrew) (University of Cape Town, 2013-04)
    The book thoroughly and carefully reviews the evidence for risk and protective factors that influence the likelihood of young people acting aggressively. Layers of understanding are built by viewing the problem from a ...

  • Youth work: Introducing policy 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2013-04)
    In this unit we will look at the meaning of policy, how it works as a mechanism of persuading people to behave in particular ways, its role in shaping our understandings of young people, and the role practitioners can play ...