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  • Old English Poetry 

    Lee, S. D. (Stuart D.) (University of Oxford, 2014-05)
    Topics include how Old English poetry works, what the major poems are and how they were performed; what links we can draw with modern poetry and music; basic metrics and devices used for effect, and more.

  • Old English Prose 

    Lee, S. D. (Stuart D.) (University of Oxford, 2014-05)
    Topics include the first attempts at prose in the English language, 'short stories', historical texts, legal documents, as well as such writers as Alfred the Great, and Aelfric of Eynsham.

  • Old English Then and Now 

    Lee, S. D. (Stuart D.) (University of Oxford, 2014-05)
    This final lecture looks briefly at how Old English has been reused by modern writers, but specifically at how the Anglo-Saxons have been portrayed on film, and what film studies can do to help us enjoy Old English poetry.

  • On History: Introduction to World History 

    Michelet, J. (Jules) (Open Book Publishers, 2014-04)
    One of the greatest Romantic historians and immensely popular during his lifetime, Jules Michelet (1798-1874) fell into disfavour among the positivist historians who came after him and who regarded his work with disdain ...

  • On the Waterfront 

    Barrow, J. D. (John D.) (2014-03)
    What can maths tells us about the best way to rig a rowing eight? Does a cox help or hinder a racing boat? How does the speed of a kayak or a canoe depend on the number of paddlers? And what if you fall in – can maths tell ...

  • One-to-One Laptop Schools 

    Not available (Wikibooks, 2014-03)
    Schools, school districts, states and nations across the world are trying systems to provide a laptop for each student in a classroom. Some "one-to-one" laptop programs have been under way for over a decade; many are just ...

  • One-Way ANOVA with R 

    Walker, L. (Lyndon) (Swinburne Commons, 2015)
    This video demonstrates how to conduct a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with the R statistical software.

  • Online Communication using Discussion Boards 

    O’Leary, R. (Ros) (The Economics Network, 2014-04)
    Introduction; Effective teaching with discussion boards: practical tips; Different uses of discussion boards for economics teaching; Conclusions; Where next? ;

  • Online ESL 

    Unknown author (Athabasca University (AU), 2000)
    This is a course of lessons and practice on the system of English. It is divided into eighty-six sections. Each section covers an area of basic grammar and contains a number of exercises. Publication date is unknown.

  • Online Facilitation and Communication 

    Not available (University of Bath, 2013-07)
    A three week course that uses forums and other synchronous and asynchronous activities in order to support staff in developing effective communication and establishing learning communities online. The course presents a ...

  • Online geocoding 

    Unknown author (School of Data, 2014-05)
    Not available

  • Online Learning in the 21st Century Classroom 

    Not available (BRIDGE, 2016-09)
    The following document details 1 of 7 innovative ideas as shared by Arlene, a participant of the Axis Education Forum 2016. Here, you will find: a) A brief discussion of education in the 21st century b) Tools and strategies ...

  • Online Market Research 

    Not available (The Open University (OUUK), 2014-06)
    How has the arrival of the internet changed the nature of market research? Can doing market research with online participants be as effective as with real people and relied upon to provide honest, accurate information about ...

  • Ontology, Semantic Web and Electronic Government 

    Ojo, A. (Adegboyega) (United Nations University, 2013-05)
    This course teaches: 1. Ontologies 2. The Semantic Web 3. Some Case Studies in Electronic Governance related to the technologies of Ontology and the Semantic Web The course also includes a demonstration of some key ...

  • Open Access Atlas of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Operative Surgery 

    Fagan, J. (Johan) (University of Cape Town, 2014)
    This is a free illustrated operative surgery text, and is intended particularly for those surgeons practising in the Developing World who are unable to afford expensive textbooks. There are no copyright restrictions, and ...

  • Open Data Structures 

    Morin, P. ( Pat) (2014-04)
    Introduction ; Array-Based Lists; Linked Lists; Skiplists; Hash Tables; Binary Trees; Random Binary Search Trees; Scapegoat Trees ; Red-Black Trees; Heaps ; Sorting Algorithms; Graphs; Data Structures for Integers; External ...

  • Open Education Practices: A User Guide for Organisations and Individuals 

    Blackall, L. (Leigh); Hegarty, B. (Bronwyn) (Wikibooks, 2014-03)
    This is a guide for educational developers, teachers and coordinators, with interest in open educational resources and practices, and the use of popular social media in education and research. It draws on documentation and ...

  • Open for Business (O4B) - Supporting students: a learning resource for new lecturers 

    Anderson, J. (Jenny); Barfoot, J. (John); Lee, B. (Barbara) (Southampton Solent University, 2013-08)
    Welcome to this OER which aims to support new lecturers in HE improve their practice in managing students' learning. These resources have been created in alignment with the UK Professional Standards Framework and can be ...

  • Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT) Portal 

    Not available (Commonwealth of Learning (COL), 2012)
    The Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT) portal is intended to support the classroom activities of teachers of junior secondary schools (JSS). The aims of ORELT are to: Provide a bank of ‘open content’ ...

  • Open Science: An Introduction 

    Not available (2014-05)
    This course is meant to share information about what it means for science to be open with young scientists (of all ages), and hopefully inspire them to champion things that are more open. A number of communities are networked ...