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  • Preparing Teachers for Effective Classroom Practice 

    Rusznyak, L. (Lee) (BRIDGE, 2014-07)
    Presentation on “Preparing teachers for effective classroom practice” by Dr. Lee Rusznyak at a Teachers Upfront meeting held in July 2014.

  • Quality in Child Care Practice: A South African Perspective 

    Molefe, R. (Rex) (BRIDGE, 2016-04)
    Mr Rantsope Meshack Molefe “Rex” represented the ECD Community of Practice and Motheo Training Institute at a Breastfeeding and Child Care Summit in April 2016. In his presentation, Rex highlighted the importance of ...

  • The Reflective Teacher 

    Not available (BRIDGE, 2016-09)
    This tool may be used by educators to improve reflective practice in the classroom. It includes; a) a definition of reflective practice, b) a brief discussion of its importance for educators, and c) four easy steps to ...

  • Restorative Practices through Dialogue Circles 

    Not available (BRIDGE, 2016-10)
    The following document is a brief guide to using Dialogue Circles. It includes: a) A description of Dialogue Circles as they relate to Restorative Practice b) Guidelines vis-a-vis the Dialogue Circle process c) 7 easy ...

  • The Role of SGB in Supporting Curriculum Delivery 

    Callaghan, K. (Kathy) (BRIDGE, 2015-05)
    This presentation focuses on the School Governing Body Association (SGB) of South Africa and its role in school administration and curriculum development.

  • School Functionality Resource Pack 

    Not available (BRIDGE, 2015-09)
    What is school functionality and how do we determine levels of functionality? This BRIDGE Resource points you to:  Some Useful Resources: here we extract key points from selected texts or tools and give links to the ...

  • Standards for Teacher Performance 

    Not available (BRIDGE, 2015-07)
    This tool covers the basics of creating and updating standards for teaching performance. This ‘quick resource’ will help you find sources around quality and standards in initial teacher education.

  • Supporting School Development: Tips & Techniques 

    Not available (BRIDGE, 2016-03)
    This document comprises a number of creative ideas as shared by SAESC teachers and principals at a meeting in March 2016. Herein you will find tips in relation to the SAESC School Peer Review, using meeting circles in ...

  • Table of Tools for School Peer Review 

    Not available (BRIDGE, 2015-11)
    This table summaries and links to all the tools needed for the School Peer Review.

  • The Teacher as a Person 

    Not available (BRIDGE, 2016-09)
    There is an increasing awareness that the process of learning is a deeply human one , that demands an awareness of interpersonal dynamics s and immense sensitivity and people skills . If teachers are to be successful, their ...

  • Using ICTs in Teaching and Learning: Issues and Challenges 

    Dlamini, R. (Reuben) (BRIDGE, 2014-09)
    A presentation by Reuben Dlamini on using information and communications technology in teaching and the issues that teachers face. Lecture given at a teachers upfront seminar held in September 2014.